Domain Name Registration & Hosting

A note about domain names and hosting.

Every website needs a domain name and hosting. Domain name registration refers to purchasing the actual url that your website design will appear on (example: Website Hosting refers to the company that will actually store your website design files. Typically domain name registration runs about $10-$20 per year and hosting runs about $100 – $400 per year, depending on the type of hosting you need and which company you choose.

Below are a few companies that we recommend for domain name and hosting for ourselves and our clients. In our line of work we have come across MANY different domain name and hosting companies, and these are by far the best. Many companies are very expensive or have terrible customer service. Please note that some of these companies we receive commissions from affiliate accounts, but we chose them specifically because of their quality, customer service, and ease of use – and our opinion of them has in no way to do with our commissions :)

Name Cheap domain name registration

If you do not already have a domain name for your website, Name Cheap is a great and economical company to purchase domain names. They have great customer services and prices, much better than some of the other companies you hear about in all the radio and television advertisements (in our opinion).

Name Cheap Domain Name Registration

Blue Host basic website hosting

If you do not have hosting for your website, BlueHost is a good service provider for basic html website hosting. They have good prices, customer service and uptime. They also offer 24/7 phone, live chat and email support – which most hosting companies do not offer. You may use this link to purchase your domain name and hosting or we can help you with setting up your account while we are working on your new website design. 

WPEngine WordPress website hosting

WPEngine is by FAR our favorite hosting company for WordPress websites. The customer service and uptime is phenomenal, the technical support staff is very helpful, security is top-notch, automated backups run every night, and migration from your development site to your live site is a breeze. They even offer “staging” sites on your hosting so if we are making a large change on your site we can use the separate staging name to make sure everything is all correct before making it live to the world! We have installed WordPress websites on MANY different hosting companies, and have learned which ones are the worst and which are the best. Choosing the right hosting company is imperative to be happy with your beautiful new website.  WPEngine is highly recommended if you have a WordPress website. 

WPEngine WordPress Hosting

Please contact us for more information regarding website hosting and domain name registration. We would be happy to give you a recommendation for your particular situation.