Logo Design

Your logo should explain to your customers in seconds who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. It is a difficult task, but we pride ourselves on helping you attain the quality logo design that your company needs. A professional logo should be flexible enough to be used in all types of media (from a website to business cards to even billboards) without losing quality or effectiveness. A logo is the most important part of your company’s branding and should be something that will stand the test of time.


Lara J Designs specializes in helping new businesses get a strong start with a custom logo design. Starting with a logo and establishing a distinct visual identity for your company will guide the design of all future marketing items such as your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, website, and whatever else you might need.

We offer both one-concept and multiple-concept logo design packages, both of which allow for client revisions. The majority of our clients have been pleased with one concept, although more than one concept is recommended for those who would like a variety of designs to choose from. You may always start with one and add more later.

Before starting your logo project, please fill out our logo questionnaire. Answering these questions will help ensure a first concept that is as close as possible to the logo design you have in mind for your company.

logo design package

starting at $950

Please fill out our logo questionnaire and/or request a quote to provide us more information about your logo design needs so that we may provide an estimate for your specific needs. All logo designs are custom!

Featured Projects

The Bands of Cartersville

As proud sponsors of The Bands of Cartersville, we enjoyed establishing a new visual identity for them! Cartersville High School’s band initially had very little branding, including a simple logo. Their primary goal was to have consistent designs that can be used for years to come!

Inspired by the Cartersville City School System’s mascot “Cartersville Purple Hurricanes,” the primary logo centers around a hurricane-like swirl in classic, Cartersville Purple. In our community, Cartersville Purple Hurricanes are known for their purple and gold – and The Bands of Cartersville are no exception. Their color scheme is timeless and recognizable!

Establishing a visual identity can make such a noticeable difference for an organization or company, and The Bands of Cartersville are a great example of this. Consistent designs can help make your organization look more professional and reputable.