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Bookmobile Spotlight


We are so excited to be featured in Bookmobile's sponsor spotlight this month! Check out their Newsletter below. Click to download PDF Sponsor Spotlight Lara J Designs specializes in helping new companies brand their business and providing quality marketing for existing businesses. They serve companies from the small one-person start-up [...]

Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10 no longer supported

Tech News|

After January 12th Microsoft officially does not support old versions of Internet Explorer. This means that no more bug fixes, updates or other patches will be released, leaving those editions vulnerable to malware and other security threats. This is also big news in the website development community (us!) because developers [...]

WPA National Park Posters

Graphic Design Trends|

by Steven Cline, graphic designer & illustrator at Lara J Designs Between 1935 and 1943 President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the new deal, and the Works Progress Administration was established with the goal of putting Americans back to work. Part of the WPA budget went to art projects, one area [...]

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