What Does the Recent Core Algorithm Update Mean?

First off, it’s important to remember that this update is not related to Penguin or Panda. The Panda system is in fact part of the core algorithm, but these changes don’t affect that.

What has been changed, however, is how Google ranks the quality of content on websites.

Specifically, Google is now even more focused on ranking sites better if their content is more recent, more detailed and accompanied by videos and images. This means that content that is rich in keywords but which is not recent, researched, detailed or accompanied by media may not be easily found. While some might have thought that this would result in academic content being left at the bottom of search rankings, the fact that the algorithm update specifically looks for detailed and referenced content means that this won’t happen.

The update has also seen some strange surges in ranking, which many online commentators have been unable to explain. This could relate to the aforementioned semantic search system which is expected to properly roll out in the next Penguin update.

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What’s So Important About Video?

Arguably the most important change that came with the core algorithm update was the video and media section. Content that includes video will now rank better, as long as it meets all other criteria set out by Google. But what’s the big deal?

First of all, video is a great way of communicating ideas to your customers, readers and subscribers. It’s great for your website and helps keep people on your website. Now though, it’s also an essential tool for proper SEO management.

The title and description of your video helps Google to understand your site, your brand and your message. You can also index your video on your site making it easier for Google to find. Furthermore, the amount of likes, shares and views that video receives on your website adds to your ‘credibility’. The more interaction with your website, the higher up the search rankings you will go as Google’s algorithm considers the high quality nature of your website.

If one of your videos go viral, then the benefits will multiply. With thousands, possibly millions, of views and likes, Google will quickly push your website up the rankings for searches relating to the content on your website. From the meta tags and data to good old fashioned keywords, Google will be able to display your material to users searching for related content.

Not only that, but your video can help improve your visibility through video-specific search engines. YouTube is obviously the most obvious example, but there are video search options on Yahoo, Bing and Google.

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Original full article from the All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin blog, available to read here https://semperplugins.com/google-penguin-update/