Colibri cyanotus

The Lesser Violetear is a medium-size hummingbird that lives throughout the forests of South & Central America including Nicaragua, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. They can also be found at feeders and gardens.

This hummingbird has a beautiful sparkly green feathers with patches of blue and purple cheek patches.

The Lesser Violetear primarily feeds on nectar and small insects. The lesser violetear has been recorded as attaining the greatest flying speed ever recorded for a hummingbird, with a pair of birds having attained 90 mph (140 km/h) during a chase, although other species may be able to attain similar speeds.

Our Lesser Violetear Hummingbird illustration was created by Hazel Cline, graphic designer and illustrator at Lara J Designs.

Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website to see pictures of the Lesser Violetear and listen to its calls and songs!

Lara Jeanneret, Owner, Creative Director, Graphic Designer at Lara J Designs

Lara Jeanneret

“I chose this bird for this year’s holiday card because of it’s vibrant and iridescent feathers. Hummingbirds are fascinating to watch, and this one is so beautiful! Here is one of my favorite images of this bird.