A note about Passwords and Security

Let’s take a moment to talk about security. I know – it’s not nearly as exciting as your beautiful new design we are working on, but it is VERY important.

We are frequently asked why WordPress generates (and why we create) such crazy passwords. I’m sure you have heard it before, but 1234 or fluffyrocks are very insecure passwords. Generating a proper secure password is vital to your business, your security, and to your mental health. No one wants to have a hacked account.

What makes a good password?

Make use of your whole keyboard if you can. Special characters, numbers, upper and lowercase letters. Some places will even allow you to create a phrase password, which is really the best. You can remember a sentence with all of the punctuation and proper capitalization, but what is the likelihood a computer or person could guess your phrase that is personal to only you? AND on top of all of that you should never repeat the same passwords with different accounts.

OK… but how are you supposed to remember all that?

How in the world are you supposed to remember a password for every single account in your work and home life? Great question. A few years ago my awesome techie husband ran across this new service called LastPass. After he throughly tested it he said, “Lara, you need to take a look at this. I think it may change your life.” Yep. He was very right. We have a LOT of passwords to keep track of, and are very particular about security. 


So – with all of that being said – take a look at this free account and see if it can help make your life better and more secure, too. And please, please, please don’t tell me your hosting password is fluffyrocks and it’s saved in a word document on your desktop…

PS – LastPass allows you save all of your “crazy” secure passwords in one place and only remember ONE master password. And it can be a phrase!

Secure Passwords