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Lesser Violetear Hummingbird

Birds of Many Feathers, Holidays|

Colibri cyanotus The Lesser Violetear is a medium-size hummingbird that lives throughout the forests of South & Central America including Nicaragua, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. They can also be found at feeders and gardens. This hummingbird has a beautiful sparkly green feathers with patches of blue and [...]

Blue Jay

Birds of Many Feathers, Holidays|

Cyanocitta cristata The blue jay is a passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to eastern North America. The blue jay can be beneficial to other bird species, as it may chase predatory birds such as hawks away. It has also been known to sound an alarm call when [...]

Violet-Green Swallow

Birds of Many Feathers, Holidays|

Tachycineta thalassina The Violet-Green Swallow is a relatively small Northwest American bird. Mature males have a white face and green upperparts and a purple rump. Females and juvenile birds are duller on the upperparts, sometimes just gray. They are common in a variety of open habitats, often foraging over meadows [...]

European Starling

Birds of Many Feathers, Holidays|

Sturnus vulgaris The European Starling is a beautiful bird found primarily in Europe and North America. A small number of these birds were originally released in New York in 1890. Since then, they have become a common sighting in the United States. Averaging 8½ inches in lengths, they are a [...]

Paradise Tanager

Birds of Many Feathers, Holidays|

Tangara chilensis The Paradise Tanager is a vibrantly colored bird that resides in the tropical forests of South America, particularly in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Known for its beautiful appearance, this species has a plethora of colors, including deep blue, vibrant green, and sometimes red. The [...]

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