Tangara chilensis

The Paradise Tanager is a vibrantly colored bird that resides in the tropical forests of South America, particularly in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Known for its beautiful appearance, this species has a plethora of colors, including deep blue, vibrant green, and sometimes red. The combination of these hues creates a captivating site for birdwatchers.

Known for its social nature, the Paradise Tanager often forms small flocks, moving through the forest canopy in search of fruits and insects. Their omnivorous diet contributes to their ability to adapt to a wide spread of native habitats. The bird’s energetic and acrobatic behavior, combined with its colors, adds a touch of enchantment to the landscapes it inhabits.

Our Paradise Tanager illustration was created by Hazel Cline, graphic designer and illustrator at Lara J Designs.

Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website to see pictures of the Paradise Tanager and listen to its calls and songs!

Eliab Flores-Saldivar

“I chose the Paradise Tanager because they are social birds and are often found flying in pairs. Blue and green are my favorite colors and the Paradise Tanger is filled with them!”