Sturnus vulgaris

The European Starling is a beautiful bird found primarily in Europe and North America. A small number of these birds were originally released in New York in 1890. Since then, they have become a common sighting in the United States. Averaging 8½ inches in lengths, they are a medium-sized bird and feature showy plumage. European Starlings are frequently found in large flocks in both rural and urban areas.

This species is colored with striking purples, greens, blues, black, and gold. Juvenile European Starlings are lighter in color, with brown-gray tufts on top of their heads. The colors are reminiscent of a galaxy with gold stars speckled throughout, and they become even more vibrant during their mating season. Surrounding their face is a ring of needle-like, purple-black feathers tipped with silver. Their beaks are yellow and pointed. Its call is chirp-like and occasionally sounds like a whistle. European Starlings are also known to mimic the songs of other species.

Our European Starling illustration was created by Hazel Cline, graphic designer and illustrator at Lara J Designs.

Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website to see pictures of the European Starling and listen to its calls and songs!

Ethan Jordan, Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager at Lara J Designs

Ethan Jordan

“I chose the European Starling because its green, blue, and purple feathers remind me of outer space. They also look really goofy as babies.

This is the picture that solidified my choice.