Logo Redesign for Fusion Dance Studio, Cartersville, Georgia

Is your logo looking a little rough around the edges? Does it make you feel like you’ve fallen through some sort of 90’s time warp? Bad logos may make your business look sketchy and unprofessional. Here are 6 signs it’s time for a change.

  1. Your logo is made from clip art.
  2. Your logo uses dated early computer effects to “make it pop”. (In a bad way) There is never a good time to use the bevel effect.
  3. Your logo uses fonts with strokes on them, squished fonts, or messy fonts you’ve seen a million times before. (like comic sans or papyrus)
  4. Your logo is unoriginal. There are only so many variations on the nike swoosh out there, and I’m think every possible combination has been tried at this point.
  5. Your logo is an image made in photoshop. Logos need to be vector art files to be scalable – no one wants pixelated banner.
  6. Your logo was bought off a stock website. Do you really want the same logo 100 other people already have?

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