The Art Nouveau is well known for its organic curves, intricate details, and stunning color palettes. The Art Nouveau style was applied to the fine art, architecture, furniture, graphic design, and product design of the time. An important aspect of the style was the beautification of practical objects and the blending of art into all aspects of life. Similarly, the Graphic Design profession utilizes art and science to create finished design pieces that are beautiful and effective. In particular, the lovely lithographic art posters and advertisement associated with Art Nouveau are a great example of designs that continue to resonate strongly with and inspire present-day artists and graphic designers.

Some of the most well-known creators of Art Nouveau posters are Alphonse Mucha, Théophile Steinlen, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Their gorgeous posters and advertisements exemplifies how graphic design can be elevated to fine art. Their colors are emotive and their shapes powerfully evocative. They are bold, sharp, and unforgettable, the hallmark of truly great design.


ChocolatIdeal-Mucha-1897 ChampagneRuinart-Mucha-1896


JaneAvril-toulouse-lautrec-1899 Confetti-toulouse-loutrec-1894


Compagnie_Francaise_des_Chocolats_steinlen Steinlen_ChatNoir1896


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