Project Description

As proud sponsors of The Bands of Cartersville, we enjoyed establishing a new visual identity for them! Cartersville High School’s band initially had very little branding, including a simple logo. Their primary goal was to have consistent designs that can be used for years to come!

The Goal

One of the director’s goals was to have consistent branding that would be easily recognizable by parents and students in the community, such as at band competitions or on field trips. For example, matching jerseys help band members to stand out in a crowd! The Bands of Cartersville also needed a strong social media presence.

They also wanted to create a brand for all of Cartersville City Schools bands – including Cartersville High School’s Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Cartersville Middle School Band and all other CHS & CMS band groups. The students are part of “The Bands of Cartersville” from the moment they set foot in a CMS or CHS Band classroom through graduation.

The Brand

Inspired by the Cartersville City School System’s mascot “Cartersville Purple Hurricanes,” the primary logo centers around a hurricane-like swirl in classic, Cartersville Purple.

In our community, Cartersville Purple Hurricanes are known for their purple and gold – and The Bands of Cartersville are no exception. Their color scheme is timeless and recognizable!

Creating a color palette and selecting fonts are one of the most crucial parts of a visual identity. In our community, Cartersville Canes are known for their purple and gold–and The Bands of Cartersville are no exception. Their color scheme is timeless and recognizable!

The Bands of Cartersville also needed a selection of fonts. We chose Montserrat, a clean, sans-serif that is perfect for bold titles. It is clean and legible from any distance, which is important for when the band is out on the football field. Additionally, Roboto Slab makes for a great accent font. We chose this one because it pairs nicely with Montserrat, and its slab serifs make it a visually interesting font.

Cartersville Bands

The Results

Professionally designed items also give The Bands of Cartersville a way to recognize its sponsors. For example, the Cartersville High School Marching Band carries a newly-designed banner at every parade with a thank you to its supporters. We also manage the Bands of Cartersville’s social media page using the branding and templates we created.

Establishing a visual identity can make such a noticeable difference for an organization or company, and The Bands of Cartersville are a great example of this. Consistent designs can help make your organization look more professional and reputable.