logo design

Step 1: Gathering Information

Please fill out our logo questionnaire below to give us more information about what you have in mind for your new logo. Are there any specific design elements you would like included in your logo? Are there any styles that you love and want to share with us? Does your company have a pre-existing logo that we need to look at to make sure we continue your previous brand colors, etc?


Step 2: Designing

We will design a logo based on the information you give us.
We will creates sketches for you to look at. Once a sketch/concept is approved, we will design it digitally.

During our sketching phase, if there are specific colors you want let us know. You can send us a link to a color swatch/swatches and we can exactly match the colors you pick.

Once we have created your proof, we will send it to you. Let us know if there is anything you wish to change.

Step 3: Completed Logo

Once your logo has been approved, we will create it in multiple formats for you to use in the future. We will email these different formats to you as well as provide a USB drive with your new logo in all the formats that you will need.