We hope you are all having a great summer! Here at Lara J Designs, we have been very busy expanding our office space and working on many engaging projects. One of those projects was the Custom Product Packaging Design we did for Boxtera, a local Cartersville company offering a monthly natural snack membership. Their customers choose a monthly subscription of 5, 10 or 20 Boxtera snack pouches which are delivered directly to their door. You can find their yummy snacks at Boxtera.com! This design is the start of a complete rebranding project we will be doing for Boxtera.  The entire piece was first hand drawn in pen by the Lara J Designs team, and then digitized and put in the computer.



Boxtera Packaging Design

















The Lara J Designs team also had the opportunity to help paint the walls of the Boxtera office to match the new branding. Casi Cline (Fellow LJD employee and artist) drew the pattern on the wall and Lara, Steven, and Taylor went over it in paint. Even the owners pitched in! Check out Casi’s artist page at ephemeralityart.com