Lara J is a little ampersand-obsessed. Ok, more than just a little. At any given moment you can walk into the Lara J Designs office and find at *least* 5 ampersands within just a few seconds. You can also find 40 of them on her business cards. There is even a rug and 3 pillows in the office with ampersands. You can also find a 2’ neon ampersand sign in the window. Come visit us sometime and go on a scavenger hunt!


This obsession started with Lara’s love for typography and fascination with this unique symbol. This is the only symbol in the english language that stands for a full word (that is not a math or technology symbol) To find out more about the history and usage of the ampersand, click here. If you think Lara is just a bit crazy… search Instagram for #ampersand and you will see she is not the only one who loves this beautiful symbol!

“nothing truly lasts forever, but there is always an &”